Zelda II: The Adventure of Link/FDS Any Percent Routing

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Things to know about FDS Any%, versus NES Any%, are the following:

  • No Out of Bounds glitches "work." The healer glitch works but you can't scroll lock, you turn into a fairy and effectively softlock. The thunderbird skip fails since you just loop to the bottom of the screen instead of 'falling' to the lower rooms.
  • You cannot pick up items as fairy, which means you have to open every door that guards an item, with a key. That greatly increases the number of mandatory keys.
  • When you Up+A, your levels drop to the lowest of the three. So if you're at 6-2-1 at the hammer container and Up-A, congratulations, you're now 1-1-1.

Therefore FDS Any% is effectively NES Any% No OOB, with less Up+Aing.

Here's my route:

  1. Get the North Palace container, getting a 50 Pbag there if possible.
  2. Get Trophy and Jump, picking up the Forest Pbag if no 50 Pbag in North Cave.
  3. 3-1-1 in Jump Cave.
  4. Bagu
  5. Saria, Life
  6. Hammer. 6-2-1 there.
  7. Hammer Container, Medicine, Mido, Fairy, Downstab.
  8. Palace 2. 7-5-2 after Palace 2. Magic 5 is essential for Palace 1, to be able to Fairy twice. In Palace 2, the only key you can skip is the last key. All other keys are mandatory for getting the Glove.
  9. Palace 1. 7-6-2 after Palace 1. Get no keys in Palace 1.
  10. Palace 3. 7-7-3 after Palace 3. Skip the outdoor key and the last key. Use the Svenne glitch to open the door at the bottom of the elevator, on the way to the raft (trigger a jar from the statue, get the jar, leave and come back into the room).
  11. Save the kid, Darunia, Reflect, Maze Container.
  12. Palace 4. 7-7-5 after Palace 4. Skip every key but the boots key, and the key above the breakable blocks that you're "supposed" to use upstab and jump to get. Once you get Life 4 in Palace 4, you don't care about XP the rest of the game. Gems guarantee you 7-7-7 as long as you get 7-7-4 before the P4 gem.
  13. Palace 5. 7-7-6 after palace 5. Get the key at the falling blocks and from the red iron knuckle right after. Skip all other keys.
  14. New Kasuto, Magic Container, P6 Heart Container. (I also get Spell and Magic Key)
  15. Palace 6. 7-7-7 after P6. No keys should be required in Palace 6 due to not getting the Cross.
  16. Old Kasuto, Thunder.
  17. Feel free to Up-A at the entrance to Palace 7 if you have 7-7-7, for a free life, magic, and extra lives refill.
  18. Win the game.