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This is a variant route invented by Khananaphone. It has the benefit over the standard route that Rupee pressure is removed, because you get the Red Candle instead of buying the Blue. So the name of the route is not meant to imply it was invented on this site!

I will not be listing room by room, key by key instructions, as that would be painfully bad to read in text. Watching a run and referencing maps is essential.

Harold Rhea's 31:10 run is here

  1. Run to level 3 by going left once, then doing two screen scrolls skip left.
  2. Level 3:
    1. Make sure you kill nothing until a red Darknut, to get a bomb from the first kill.
    2. Clear the first red Darknut room as a fallback to get a bomb.
    3. Mind your drop counters (bombs on 1, 6, 8 on the main counter, forced bomb at 10 on the consecutive)
    4. Many bombs are needed early
    5. Force a bomb drop on Manhandla!
    6. Exit with 1 key and as many bombs as possible.
  3. Level 4:
    1. Not getting hit is essential here. Rack up kills to force bomb drops.
    2. In the room with the Vires and the shuttered doors, kill at least one Vire with the sword, so that at least one Vire respawns on returning, to keep the 'standard' spawn sequence.
    3. Make sure to come out of the Ladder room with at least three bombs. You *can* go for random bomb drops from the final set of Vires if you're desperate.
    4. Exit with 1 key, at least one bomb, and preferably 10+ rupees.
  4. Trip to Level 2:
    1. Screen wrap west, screen wrap past the Lost Woods, and get to the east coast Heart.
    2. Ladder clip to the east coast heart, get the east coast raft Heart.
  5. Level 2:
    1. Watch your bombs and your rupees. Typically you will want to manufacture both in Level 2 (killing Moldorms and Goriyas is faster with bombs).
    2. Kill the master Goriya in the first Goriya room, while boomerangs are out, and you have a good chance of a boomerang hitting a drop, and glitching it into a Bomb.
    3. Leave level 2 with 10+ Rupees (40+ preferred), 4 keys, and 3+ bombs (more the better).
  6. Trip to Level 5:
    1. Get the Armos secret if you need Rupees
    2. Get the Heart north of 2.
    3. Get the northeast corner 100 secret to get over 140 rupees
    4. Screen wrap to 5.
  7. Level 5:
    1. Know your consecutive kill count. Entering 5, ideally you want to be 5-ish kills away from a forced bomb (mind your forced fairies!)
    2. When entering the Recorder room you want to have your consecutive kill count very near a forced bomb, and you want to have enough bombs to force that bomb drop from Blue Darknuts. Make sure to have enough bombs to finish 5 though!
    3. If you can force a bomb from the forced-kill Gibdos on the way from the Recorder to Digdogger, great. Trying to force bombs from a Dodongo is also an option, but riskier of course.
    4. Leave with 3 keys and at least one bomb (more is better of course).
  8. Trip to Level 1
    1. Recorder Whistle to 4
    2. Screen wrap east, then go north to 1
  9. Level 1:
    1. Note that killing gels on the way to the bow is an excellent way to skip the forced fairy at 16 on the consecutive counter, if you forced a drop in the previous room. This allows a shot at another forced drop from the Goriyas.
    2. Leave with as many bombs as possible (7 preferred, since ideally you use one to kill Aquamentus), 25+ rupees (30 preferred), and 4 keys.
  10. Trip to Level 7
    1. Recorder whistle to Level 4.
    2. Buy Bait from the Blue Ring shop
    3. Buy Arrows from the shop south of the Blue Ring shop
  11. Level 7:
    1. Get the Red Candle™!
    2. If you're low on bombs, note the blue Goriya room before the last Digdogger is a forced bomb drop, though naturally that's a huge time loss to have to use it.
    3. Better but riskier is to go for a bomb from the Dodongos after the last Digdogger.
    4. Leave with one key and preferably at least one bomb.
  12. Trip to Level 6:
    1. Screen wrap to the graveyard.
    2. Get the Magic Sword.
  13. Level 6:
    1. If you're low/out of bombs, kill Red Wizzrobes for bombs. You will need bombs to get through Level 6, though.
    2. Kill Zols if you need a rupee to fire an arrow at Gohma.
    3. Use bombs sparingly if you can help it, because you will want bombs for Level 9
    4. Leave with 2 keys and all the bombs you can get.
  14. Trip to Level 8:
    1. Recorder whistle to Level 2
  15. Level 8:
    1. In the second Blue Darknut fight, standing between the fireball-firing statues will prevent them from firing at you.
    2. Leave with 2 keys and at least 2 bombs (6+ preferred).
  16. Trip to Level 9:
    1. Recorder whistle to Level 1
    2. Try for bombs on the way if you're below 6+.
  17. Level 9:
    1. Once you're in 9, you need 5 bombs, plus you may want more for Wizzrobe fights. Kill the first Patra if you need bombs urgently, or try to use the Next Room old man to setup a forced bomb drop in the Next Room.
    2. When fighting in the "Reverse C" (Silver Arrows) room, double check your bombs. You need two more to get to Gannon, so don't drop below 2 while fighting the Wizzrobes.
    3. Leave with 2+ Triforces and at least one Princess.